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Physical Education College of Sichuan University was established in 2003, formerly known as the Sports Department of Sichuan University, the Sports Department of Chengdu University of Science and Technology and the Sports Department of Huaxi Medical University.

55C22The main tasks undertaken and undertaken by the college include:

University public physical education and management

Student extracurricular sports organization

Construction and management of high-level sports teams

Sports discipline construction

Enrollment and Cultivation of Graduate Students Majoring in Physical Education

School sports venue management,etc.

The Institute of Physical Education of Sichuan University is one of the earliest comprehensive colleges and universities in the country for the enrollment and training of postgraduates majoring in physical education. In 1997, it began to enroll students. Now it is the authorized point of master's degree in physical education. It has sports human science and physical education training. There are five secondary disciplines and majors in science, sports humanities and sociology, national traditional sports and physical education. Each year, about 30 academic and professional full-time and part-time graduate students are enrolled, and the total number of graduate students is about 90.

The Institute of Sports Science of Sichuan University has trained nearly 400 graduate students in physical education. The graduates are widely distributed in higher education, scientific research, general education, government, enterprises and other departments and units. The work ability and comprehensive quality of students are highly recognized by employers.


In recent years, on the basis of inheriting the fine traditions of the three universities, the public physical education of Sichuan University has integrated life education and health management into the physical education curriculum construction and teaching reform, and constructed a public physical education and sports scientific research system with the characteristics of Sichuan University. Widely concerned by the sports colleges, departments and departments of the brothers and universities. Facing the "New Era",Physical Education Collegewill actively build a scientific research platform and strengthen the construction of scientific research talents on the basis of summarizing the achievements and achievements of the discipline construction, and strive to build a world-class university and "TwoGreat" undertakings in schools. To leap and promote the development of discipline construction, and build a domestic first-class sports college that matches the comprehensive level and status of Sichuan University.

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